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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with your top stories. detroit faces tough decisions after the federal judge accepted it's bankruptcy filings. the city is $18 billion in debt which will include cuts to pensions. >>> the engineer in control of the train that derailed outside of new york city found himself nodding just before the accident. >>> and at the white house many called on president obama to help free alan gross. he has been held in a cuban prison for four years is facing a 15-year prison. >>> forensic scientists in fran say yasser arafat died of natural causes and was not poisons which contradict swiss findings that found high levels of polonium. >>> thailand's prime minister yingluck shinawatra has alreadied police to stott fighting with protesters. david shuster i is in for ali velshi. >> public pensions are on the chopping block. tonight a landmark ruling for detroit. a new legislation in illinois will have big i a implications r retirees and pensioners everywhere. >>> the seismic shift making pushy car dealers the thing of the
half hour on twitter @aj real money. today the city of detroit got the go ahead from a federal judge to shed billions of dollars in debt in the largest bankruptcy in u.s. history. the national implications are huge because it sets the stages for financially strapped cities and states all across american to follow the same path and cut the money promised to unions, pension funds and retirees. in illinois, they ray proved the overall of the pension system and puerto rico deals with public debt as well. but nowhere are the debt woes as dire as in detroit. $18 billion in debt, and estimates $0.40 of every dollar collected are used to pay it off. that zaps funding for basic services and it could rise to $0.65 if $0.65 of every dollar if relief does not come soon. today's ruling allows the city to go ahead with bankruptcy proceedings, the presiding judge said that the city would not have a you blank check. unions are not so sure. what's the latest from where you are. >> reporter: well, david, he immediately the city's emergency manager kevin orr is going to start working on a plan of adjus
>> this is al jazeera america, live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at your top stories. the train that derailed in new york city was traveling at 82 mph as it approached a bend in the track. authorities are trying to find out why the train was going so fast. the crash killed four people and injured more than 60. the obama administration said it's revamped healthcare website is running for smoothly. it claims the site is 90% fixed but users are still reporting problems getting coverage or in some cases just logging on to the site. >>> pro tessers in thailand have taken over several government buildings as they try to force the country's prime minister to step down. a prominent oppositional leader has been telling followers to storm buildings. three people have died in the protest over the last several days, vice president joe biden has arrived in asia for a week-long trip. the visit is expected to be dominated by dispute over islands in the chain seas. chip niece scare defense zone over islands claimed by both countries. biden will visit china and south korea. an
>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. a student was shot at west orange high school outside of orlando. the student was taken to a local hospital after receiving gunshot wounds. the orange county sheriff deputy confirms the 15-year-old victim is being treated and is in stable condition. meanwhile, the shooter has been identified and is in custody. >>> audios tapes have been released of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. al jazeera america will not play the audio of those 911 calls. >>> a new report shows around 29,000 people signed up for health insurance on sun and monday, a figure that sur praises the total for the whole month of october. and president obama said the income gap between rich and poor americans keep growing. income inequality is jeopardizing the middle class. that's it with our stories. "real money" is nex next on al jazeera. ♪ >> bosses are hiring more workers. builders are selling more new homes. we're breaking down the numbers for signs that the economy may finally tu
the job on thursday. more than 100 cities are expected to take part. >> they want pay to rise to $15 an hour. >> police in mexicoav
of the townships surrounding johannesburg. it is where blacks had to live because they couldn't live in the city limits. a t a lot of the people that live here work nearby. that's the promise of the new south africa, those are single family homes built by the government as promised since the aend of apartheid, they have power, you can't see them that clearly, but they have water tanks the streets have electricity, they are paved, that's the promise, this is the unfulfilled prompt, so many of the people that live in these still live in shanties, look at these things with tin roofs, there are rats going through here, this area was built in 1912 to house 70,000 people, the estimated range widely but there might be up to three-quarters of a million people here, and by the way, we are less than a couple of miles from the richest part of africa, where there are more millionaires than there are anywhere else on this continent. talk about a bifurcated economy, of have notes and haves. we are right in the middle of it right here. includes the united states, where household net worth is at a record high.
city. an american war veteran detained in north korea is on his way back to the united states. merrill newman departed beijing's airport to head home to san francisco. he'd been held in north korea since late october whilst on a site-seeing trip. officials said they released merrill newman on humanitarian grounds and for apologising for alleged crimes committed during the korean war. >> now development about the stolen cin
>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city. and i'm morgan radford. >> a cold snap across the country is paralyzing country in the roads and air. several deaths have been linked to the weather, bringing snow from the midwest to texas. >> the family of a u.s. veteran released in custody from north korea is asking for privacy. merrill newman is spending his first full day back in the u.s. with loved ones after the 85-year-old was detained in north korea for allegedly committing crimes in the korean war. >> hundreds of troops arrive in the central african rl
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8